Jared Gars

I am an agricultural economist that approaches agricultural policy issues with field experiments informed by behavioral economic models. I have worked both in developed and developing countries on topics including belief updating, information responsiveness, technology adoption, and contract design.

Previously, I was a junior economist in Trade and Development (TAD) at OECD and a PODER research fellow at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. I received my PhD from UW-Madison in 2018.

Email: gars.jared [at] gmail.com  /  Office: 2 rue Andre Pascal  /  Curriculum Vitae


Can differences in individual learning explain patterns of technology adoption? Evidence on heterogeneous learning patterns and hybrid rice adoption in Bihar, India
with Patrick Ward. World Development, 115:178-189 (2019)

Working papers

Media and Motivation: The Effect of Performance Pay on Writers and Content
with Ivan Balbuzanov and Emilia Tjernström. (New draft coming soon)

Confidence and Information Usage: Evidence from Soil Testing in India
with Ram Fishman, Avinash Kishore, Yoav Rothler and Patrick Ward (Submitted)

Seeds of Uncertainty: Information, Subjective Expectations, and Technology Adoption
with Emilia Tjernström. (New draft coming soon)

Works in Progress

Stereotypes and political attitudes in the age of Coronavirus: Empirical evidence from Italy
with Dante Donati and Nandan Rao (Data collected completed)

Impacts of Privatization on Market Performance in Dakar, Senegal
with Jean-François Houde, Molly Lipscomb, and Laura Schechter (Data collected completed)

Using Market Mechanisms to Increase the Take-up of Improved Sanitation
with Shoshana Griffith, Jean-François Houde, Molly Lipscomb, Mbaye Mbeguere, Sarah Nehrling, Laura Schechter, and Siyao Jessica Zhu (Data collected completed)

Practical Design Principles for Agri-Environmental Schemes
with Santiago Guerrero, Jussi Lankoski, and Laure Kuhfuss (Data collection ongoing)

Incentivizing collective action to fight the spread of COVID-19: Testing the effectiveness of a low-cost, scaleable, community-driven intervention
with Jana Gallus, John List, Jessica Saleska, Julia Seither and Karen Ye (Under preparation)

Policy Reports

Housing policies for sustainable and inclusive cities: How national governments can deliver affordable housing and compact urban development. (2020)
with A. Moreno-Monroy, T. Matsumoto, A. Schumann, R. Ahrend, and J. Crook. Coalition for Urban Transitions and OECD

The growth of metropolitan areas in: Cities in the World: A New Perspective on Urbanisation. (2020)
OECD Urban Studies, OECD Publishing, Paris